My New Blue Sky
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Hey, my dreams are here.
A blue light of hope in the heaven.

Hi, my name is Georges Anderson, but u can call me Geo, or Andy. I’m 24 and I live in Brazil. I'm a journalist, so pay attention in your writings ok. I love photos!! I don’t have a professional cam (not yet), but I try to take beautiful photos when I have free time.
My relationship status?? Yeah, I'm dating with Thi (u can see his tumblr link below). For this reason, there is only love in my days. My interests? Games, games and games, =D. ok, I'm kidding. There are more things like tv series, read and write (yeah) books, listen music (since Leona, Lights, Gaga, boys band until classical music). So, if u can see my tumblr, just enjoy the view. See u later.
theme feito por im-mutable; base por deslocado e alguns detalhes por noheartgirl. não copie e nem se inspire.

Nao importa o que eu esteja fazendo, eles sempre estão pertinhos de mim. Meows <3 (em Geo’s Island)

Testando, um, dois… testando…

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